Please be sure to click the "Join Website" link on the top left before applying. That way your account is properly tagged to view our guild forum upon app completion. Thank you! 

Please read all of the following before applying:

As Seventh Dawn is a social guild, we take our guild application process seriously. The application is very important to us and we appreciate when applicants take the effort to fill it out thoughtfully. Applications submitted without any effort (one word/sentence responses) will likely be cancelled and asked for a resubmission.

We expect regular activity during the first two weeks of membership. This does not mean just logging in. Interact! Chat in game, join some events, chat in discord. We want to get to know you!

Should something come up during your trial, we will happily extend it or put it on hold. Applicants removed for inactivity are always welcome to re-apply.

I understand, take me to the application!