Seventh Dawn Guild Charter
Who We Are
Seventh Dawn is a World of Warcraft social guild on Hellscream-US Alliance for adults 21+. As the name implies, this is a new beginning for an old guild. We were originally Embervale and as has happened to other guilds, Embervale went quiet as members drifted away to other games or became bored with WoW in the “between expansion” doldrums. We have returned but we want to give ourselves a fresh start and thus the change of name and some slight changes in guild vision and charter. We want to use the lessons we have learned and our experience to make this an even better home.
Our goal is to have fun, make friends, and promote community. We aim to focus on content together as a community, tackle the challenges of Mythic dungeons together, learn together, and provide an environment that does not place more value on a number than the person behind the toon. We are not an elitist guild and we do not want to be.
Real life comes first. No one should ever feel like playing WoW is an obligation or a job, no matter their guild rank. All members of Seventh Dawn should play when they want to play without feeling pressured to have to maintain a certain number of hours of guild activity. But at the same time be respectful of your guildmates, if you sign up to do a dungeon or event and something comes up, try to let them know as soon as you can so they can fill the spot as needed. In the end, the key is to always maintain respect for each other, this is your community, we can only achieve great accomplishments if we respect each other and work together.
Seventh Dawn’s goal is to provide a friendly and inclusive community for all our members. We founded the guild to be a welcoming place for everyone, so racist, sexist, or otherwise hateful, bigoted, and intolerant language are not welcome here and will follow a zero-tolerance policy. This is not the guild leader’s community, this is not the officers’ community, this is OUR community as a whole, let’s all make it the best!
What We Are About
First and foremost, let us say up front that “We are not, and do not intend to become, a serious or hardcore raiding guild.” For content, one of our intended major focuses shall be on guild Mythic+ dungeoning. We hope to maybe do what we call some “light” raiding. If we have a group of 10 players that want to see that content we are happy to try but it will never make it to the level of hardcore raiding. We also have players that like to do a little PVP together, see different PVE content, achievement hunt, etc. One of our favorite activities, as we have a lot of alt friendly players, is the “guild leveling groups.”
What are these you might ask? Just what the name implies, a group of guildmates want to start some new characters and level together as a team. This is usually mostly done through dungeon runs but could easily be adapted to running through a zone questline together. Our goal is to enjoy WoW together and put the sense of community in the game for our guild, after all that is what MMO really means.
Do we only play WoW together? Nope. As has happened in the past, we intend to hold online movie nights for those interested. Several of our members play many games together, such as Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, etc. While the focus of Seventh Dawn is World of Warcraft, we certainly do not discourage the idea of playing other games together, the world we are trying to craft is one of community.
Guild Structure and Ranks
Our gaming experiences should remain enjoyable and provide a positive environment for everyone. That is the goal of our leadership team, both Guild Leader and every Officer. Each member of our leadership will have specific responsibilities they oversee, such as Dungeon Leader, but we shall also share the load to insure no one begins to feel that this experience has become more job than game. Above all, we are here for you, the Seventh Dawn community, to help in any way we can to ensure that this is the community you deserve.
Guild Leader – This is the leader of the guild and the leadership team.
Officer – Member of the leadership team of Seventh Dawn
Citizen – Full member of Seventh Dawn
Newcomer – New recruits to Seventh Dawn under their two-week trial period
Inactive – Should you become inactive for 30+ days or you have informed leadership you will be out of game for an extended time, you shall be marked inactive until you return, at which time you will be returned to previous active rank (if after you return you see that your rank has not been adjusted, please let one of the leadership team know so we can adjust it).
Guild Recruitment
Seventh Dawn is an open, welcoming community for players of all experience levels, whether they are brand new to WoW or veteran players. Our goal is not to go out and recruit everyone we can, sending blind whispers to every random player without a guild tag. We are looking for quality not quantity. We are looking for gamers, like us, who want a community to be a part of and not just be another number in a guild of strangers.
We do have a formal “Recruitment Officer,” but all members of the leadership team partake in the recruitment process, especially when there are a large number of open applications. The Recruitment Officer works to ensure that recruitment work is appropriately and fairly divided among the leadership team and that the process is completed in a timely manner.
All recruits go through the same process, regardless of whether you are a new applicant or a referral from a member or officer. If you are interested in joining our community, you must first complete an application on the guild website, The application will be followed up by a brief interview with at least one of the leadership team, in game or on discord. This is a casual interview process meant to give us a chance to talk and make sure that you feel it is a good fit for you. It also gives you a chance to ask questions that may not have been answered in our charter.
After a successful interview, each applicant will be invited to join for a two-week trial period. During the trial, you can invite alts, join in all guild activities you choose, etc. The only restriction of the trial period is access to the Guild Bank. You will want to log in regularly during the trial so we can get to know you and you can get to know our community. If issues arise and you are absent during the trial, it can be extended. After the trial is completed, the applicant will be promoted to full Citizen rank barring any concerns.
There are several avenues of communication we use in Seventh Dawn, some allow daily and almost instant communication and others might be for less time sensitive needs. For instance, we do monthly guild meetings.. Attendance to guild meetings is not required, but they do allow leadership to update the community on the goings on of the guild and lets you provide any feedback you might want to give your leadership team. The guild meetings are also not “strictly business” as they usually include people showing off new transmogs, new cool battle pets and toys, and just random fun. We usually try to have some fun activity or event planned to follow each meeting, previous examples of this are Drunken Monk bowling, Rille’s Reckless Races, etc.
We also use the Discord app for voice and text chat in and out of game, just to stay in touch daily and entertain each other during the grind of our daily lives. Also, we have our guild website, , which includes our guild forums where you can get information such as a copy of our guild charter, upcoming events and activities, information on the guild bank, news and updates.
We hope that as you have read the charter you have seen that our overall theme is community. That is our goal and what we wish to build here, a group of individuals that can come together and have fun in and out of game. Strong friendships have been formed from this guild since its beginning and it is our hope to build more.